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COVID-19 Deployment
Rapid Response Kits
We pre-configure it. You plug it in. Quickly deploy and utilize our flexible asset tracking system!

Digital Medical has developed a comprehensive platform that allows for complete and accurate asset tracking in a hospital environment. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, Digital Medical’s trackable beacons provide the real-time location and monitoring of a wide variety of medical assets.

Our ready-to-install kits will allow your team to deploy our system without a physical vendor presence. We will remotely work with your team to understand your needs and pre-configure your complete environment to get your team up and running upon delivery. Our kits will allow you to utilize the full-feature benefits of the Digital Medical solution to track ANY medical equipment including ventilators, IV-pumps, beds, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Delivery of pre-programmed kits
  • No need for vendor team to physically on-site
  • User-friendly deployment

We can locate equipment Anywhere!

  • Down to the room
  • Down to the zone
  • Off-site or at temporary care facilities
  • In-the-field between facilities

We can track Any Asset!

  • Nonsurgical equipment (Beds, Vents, IV pumps…)
  • Surgical equipment (proprietary beacon)
  • Personnel

Set up is quick and easy! Just plug in our gateways and tag your designated equipment. We are here to guide you through the process!

All we need from you:

  1. How many facilities will need equipment tracked?
  2. How many pieces of equipment will you need to track?
  3. Brief description of immediate need

How we work:

  1. Gather your requirements
  2. Remotely pre-configure the environment
  3. Ship directly to you
  4. Here to help you through the install process

90-day payment grace period upon end of national emergency status!

Get Started Today!
DigitalMedical™ can provide your facility with:
Real-time asset tracking
Increased operational efficiency
Reduced working capital
Transparency between personnel

Reliability – Ensures critical location, condition and status updates are delivered to the application level.

Integration – Open platform for seamless integration. Over 100 clinical applications: Nurse Call, EMR, security and high acuity systems.

Installation – Battery-powered devices are attached to equipment and gateways are installed in patient areas without the need to close rooms or interrupt patient care.

Track assets campus-wide across your enterprise.

Digital Medical Tech has created a platform to allow health systems to proactively track medical devices and equipment.

Using Bluetooth technology, Digital Medical Tech’s provides real-time location system  monitoring and management of a wide range of medical assets.

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