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One interface to track surgical and loaner trays, manage surgical scheduling, and increase vendor communication - in real-time.

CompleteOR™ is changing the way surgery is managed in healthcare organizations while improving patient satisfaction.

Our applications deliver a transparent solution to surgical challenges by eliminating wasted spending, increasing vendor communication, optimizing workflow and tracking surgical equipment.

CompleteOR™ regularly saves:
Case cancellations
Missing instrument costs
Management time

Dashboard – Manage surgical cases and vendor communication in real-time.

Tray Details – Pictures, Count Sheets, and IFU instructions for use for accuracy and descriptions.

Tracking – Quick and easy implementation provides the exact location of all surgical trays and equipment in real-time.

Scheduling – Efficiently manage alerts and notifications for all upcoming surgical cases.

Digital Medical has created a platform to allow healthcare facilities to proactively track medical devices and equipment.

Using Bluetooth technology, Digital Medical’s real-time location system provides monitoring and management of a wide variety of medical assets, while requiring less infrastructure and shorter installation time than typical tracking solutions.

Cedars-Sinai Improves Efficiency & Realizes Cost-Savings with Digital Medical’s Platform.
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