A complete solution to track and manage valuable mobile assets in healthcare.

completeASSETS™ is changing the way healthcare organizations manage assets.

completeASSETS™ CompleteAsset™ uniquely combines the most accurate Real-Time Location System (RTLS) with full visibility in one platform. Just one infrastructure to install and manage – making it the world’s most practical asset visibility and management solution available today.

SINGLE INTERFACE for ease of use


Real Time Location System (RTLS) asset tracking provides:

  • Increased Asset Utilization
  • Improved Operational Efficiency


Utilize key insights to improve purchase decisions.

Personnel can QUICKLY LOCATE assets and equipment at a glance.

With completeASSET™ nurses can spend more time at the bedside rather than searching the hospital for equipment.

Clinical engineering can locate ALL tagged assets at ANY given time, whether they are needing preventive maintenance, repair, or have to be pulled out of service due to a recall.

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Lets us know how we can help you get started

Hospital Management & (RTLS) Asset Tracking

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