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Manage and protect valuable mobile medical equipment with the ultimate location platform.

CompleteAsset™ uniquely combines the most accurate Real-Time Location System (RTLS) with full visibility in one platform. Just one infrastructure to install and manage – making it the world’s most practical asset visibility and management solution available today.

Real-time inventory and personnel location, status, reporting and analytics for your facility’s most valuable assets.

CompleteAsset™ provides your facility with:
Real-time asset tracking
Increased operational efficiency
Reduced working capital
Transparency between personnel

Reliability – Ensures critical location, condition and status updates are delivered to the application level.

Integration – Open platform for seamless integration. Over 100 clinical applications: Nurse Call, EMR, security and high acuity systems.

Installation – Battery-powered devices are attached to equipment and gateways are installed in patient areas without the need to close rooms or interrupt patient care.

Track assets campus-wide across your enterprise.

Digital Medical has created a platform to allow health systems to proactively track medical devices and equipment.

Using Bluetooth technology, Digital Medical’s provides real-time location system provides monitoring and management of a wide range of medical assets.

Time spent per shift looking for equipment

Before DMT

After DMT

$$ Saved - 90 Days

$$ SAVED-90 Days

Equipment Utilization

Before DMT


After DMT

Cedars-Sinai Improves Efficiency & Realizes Cost-Savings with Digital Medical’s Platform.
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