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Improving Nurse-Physician Communication

Improving Nurse-Physician Communication

Communication is vital in any industry, but the healthcare industry relies on communication to save lives. There is little room for miscommunication in an emergency situation or other hospital setting. Physicians and nurses need to communicate strongly together to provide the highest-quality patient care and avoid any errors that may lead to severe consequences for patients. 

Nurse-Physician Communication

Effective nurse-physician communication is essential for providing patients with the best possible medical care. Unfortunately, a lack of communication between a nurse and physician can result in costly mistakes, leading to substantial negative effects on patient safety. According to this study, the most common communication barriers between nurses and physicians are:

  • Lack of openness/collaboration
  • Logistic challenges, such as nurses having difficulty reaching the physician 
  • Frustration with a lack of professional respect
  • Language barriers
  • Nurse preparedness

Logistic Challenges

Asset tracking can improve communication by giving nurses and physicians more face time with the patient and increasing the quality of care. A survey published in Nursing Times showed that nurses spend an average of 60 minutes per shift searching for equipment. In a recent study, Digital Medical’s trackable solutions reduced the search from an average of 60 minutes to 15 minutes per shift. 

By knowing the exact location of equipment and personnel at all times, nurses and physicians can maximize efficiency. This maximized efficiency leads to a better experience for patients as they will receive the care they need when they need it most.

Tracking both assets and personnel helps break down the communication barriers between nurses and physicians. With Digital Medical Tech’s real-time location system, we have created an opportunity for hospitals and healthcare organizations to track assets and personnel with ease. 

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Digital Medical’s trackable solutions allow hospitals to focus on what matters most: saving lives. Our solutions include the industry’s first and only Bluetooth-Low Energy autoclavable beacons that are designed to withstand all environments, including harsh sterilization processes. With Digital Medical, you can count on having the real-time, uninterrupted location of your assets when you need them most.

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