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Do Hospitals Need Asset Tracking After COVID?

Do Hospitals Need Asset Tracking After COVID?

When disruptive emergencies occur, such as COVID-19, asset tracking in healthcare facilities becomes more critical than ever. Asset tracking has assisted overwhelmed staff with quickly locating essential medical equipment, reducing delayed treatment. While things could look different in the healthcare industry post-COVID, asset tracking will remain an essential tool in healthcare facilities around the world.

Asset tracking remains an essential tool in hospitals

There are many benefits of asset tracking, such as no misplacement of equipment, maximized efficiency and productivity, cost-savings, no asset thefts, etc. A key component to better workflow is asset tracking and management — and hospitals will need this even after COVID-19. Digital Medical’s real-time location system provides monitoring and management of a wide variety of healthcare facilities’ most valuable assets and will help prepare hospitals for future emergencies similar to the one we are living in today. 

Contact tracing

With a real-time location system, healthcare organizations can take the necessary steps to minimize the spread of disease. By tracking the location of staff and equipment, hospitals can use that data to determine whether an individual healthcare worker or equipment has been in contact with an infected patient.

Steps to minimize the spread of disease can include quarantining staff and patients, and sterilizing potentially contaminated equipment. Healthcare facilities that lack real-time locating systems will have a harder time effectively monitoring contact. 

Real-time tracking

With real-time tracking, staff members will know how many and where healthcare equipment is located in the hospital. In addition to numbers and locations, the tracking system also tracks usage, so hospitals will know if they are running low on vital equipment, or if they have a surplus that can be loaned to other hospitals that have a higher influx of patients. 

Evaluate hospital equipment inventory

Hospitals around the world have been experiencing equipment inventory shortages during the pandemic. With real-time tracking solutions, hospitals are able to quickly locate important medical devices and ensure that they are functioning properly to ensure patient safety. Overall, with an asset management system, organizations can efficiently utilize current assets on hand, while also reallocating excess assets across departments or facilities. Not only does this improve communication, it also cuts time wasted searching for vital equipment and costs.

The pandemic has given a lot of attention to the asset-tracking healthcare industry in obvious ways. When COVID-19 is contained, we will see more hospitals turning toward more advanced ways of tracking assets and preparing for what’s next. 

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Digital Medical’s trackable solutions allow hospitals to focus on what matters most: saving lives. Our solutions include the industry’s first and only Bluetooth-Low Energy autoclavable beacons that are designed to withstand all environments, including harsh sterilization processes. With Digital Medical, you can count on having the real-time, uninterrupted location of your assets when you need them most.

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