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Keeping Up With The Healthcare Industry’s Radical Changes

Keeping Up With the Healthcare Industry’s Radical Changes

As a result of COVID 19, the healthcare industry in the United States has experienced radical changes — and not just for the short-term. The suspension of in-person office visits, elective surgeries, and a steep decline in emergency department visits created a perfect storm for the industry. Telehealth has helped to fill in some of these gaps, but the reimbursement rates have not been comparable. 

Gearing up for potential coronavirus patients with expanding bed capacity, particularly ICU beds, equipment (ventilators, IV pumps, beds), and the staffing to go with them has put further financial strain on the system. Facilities reopening for elective surgeries and procedures will kickstart the financial recovery. However, this recovery is long-term and will reinstate the need for financial prudence more than ever. 

The Solution

Digital Medical Tech’s Real-Time Location System helps ensure optimal efficiency for healthcare facilities and, ultimately, optimal delivery of patient care. Equipment tracking of valuable assets such as, IV pumps, PCA keys, ventilators, wound pumps, and vital sign machines help solve multiple issues in the hospital setting. 

Delivering high-quality patient care when needed is a crucial component to kickstarting recovery and regaining patient trust. Facilities need to show their patients that they are providing a safe and sanitary clinic environment while still delivering the same, unparalleled care they’ve come to expect. Real-time tracking helps healthcare facilities deliver on these promises. 

Benefits of Digital Medical Tech

Digital Medical’s suite of solutions span the demands of every unique environment within the hospital. With Digital Medical, healthcare facilities can experience:

  • Optimized workflows
  • Increased equipment utilization
  • Improved equipment allocation
  • Enhanced patient interactions

Digital Medical Tech provides clinicians and hospital leadership solutions to track their valuable assets and personnel while managing surgical case scheduling and vendor communication. Improved equipment allocation and capital purchasing decisions benefit the hospital’s bottom line. 

Enabling the nurse to be at the bedside instead of searching for equipment benefits the most valuable asset in the hospital: the patient.

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