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Benefits Of Asset Tracking

Benefits of Asset Tracking

Real-time asset tracking in a hospital setting allows for a streamlined care process that benefits clinicians and patients alike. Hospital workers experience peace of mind knowing the exact real-time location of their assets while patients benefit from an attentive and caring staff. Asset tracking has numerous advantages that save time and money, allowing clinicians to focus on delivering quality patient care. 

Eliminate Wasted Time

A survey published in Nursing Times showed that nurses spend an average of 60 minutes per shift searching for equipment. In a hospital, time is precious. Mere moments can save lives. Eliminate the time it takes to track down valuable assets through real-time tracking solutions. In a recent study, Digital Medical’s trackable solutions reduced the search from an average of 60 minutes to 15 minutes per shift.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

The more time nurses spend needlessly searching for missing equipment, the less time they have to spend with their patients. Nurses can maximize efficiencies by knowing the exact location of frequently-used equipment at all times. Patients will have a better overall hospital experience as they receive the care they need when they need it most. 

Prevent Missing and Stolen Equipment

There is nothing more frustrating or wasteful than spending hours searching for a piece of equipment only to realize it is gone. Whether stolen or simply missing, it is estimated that around $5,000 worth of equipment gets lost per bed every year. That means that hospitals with 300 rooms will lose $1.5 million of equipment a year. That is unacceptable. With real-time asset tracking, hospitals can instantly pinpoint the exact location of their valuable equipment on or off-property. 

Optimize Inventory

Equipment is only good if it’s being used. Assets that are stuffed in broom closets or otherwise misplaced on campus aren’t being utilized to their fullest potential. In a recent case study, Digital Medical increased equipment utilization from 35% to 50% on average. Asset tracking also allows hospitals to understand their equipment demand. As hospital staff determines where their shortages lie, inventory can easily be replenished in order to meet healthcare demands.

Digital Medical’s trackable solutions allow hospitals to focus on what matters most: saving lives. Our solutions are the only Bluetooth autoclavable beacons on the market and are designed to withstand all environments, including harsh sterilization processes. With Digital Medical, you can count on having the real-time, uninterrupted location of your assets when you need them most. 

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